square meters
of plastic waste

Specialized flagship store in Soho, Warsaw, Poland

From bottle caps
to creative “building” boards

With a deep desire to transform waste to something beautiful and useful – that’s how it all started. From 1.5 tons of various plastic waste, we’ve created recycled plastic boards that serve a new purpose. They are safe for health and fully recyclable once again.


Specialized plastic sheets

  • The recycled boards for our new showroom were made in workshop in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic

  • The boards are fully recyclable & their production took almost 2 months

  • The boards are 100 × 100 cm in size and 1 cm thick. Each board weighs around 12 kg

  • Some boards look like terrazzo, some like marble and others like a river or stone

  • The boards are made from plastic waste that is labelled as safe for humans


Each board is unique,
you won’t find two alike!

The design of the boards was created by mixing eight different colours.

Various grinds and regranulates were used in the process.

The waste material came mainly from the automotive, construction and furniture industry from their discarded productions that were never used.

Milk and soda caps, shampoo bottles, plastic boxes and lids were also utilised.


6 colours & more than 8 types of waste

RED = caps from soda and milk bottles collected from cafés in Prague center

CREAM/BEIGE = plastic bags and pieces of plastic furniture

TRANSPARENT = plastic wraps and bags

ANTHRACITE = shipping boxes

BLACK = defective automotive components and other industrial waste

WHITE = plastic cartons and discarded medical containers, various cosmetic products

Pedaling the planet forward

Every day we wake up with one single desire. To pedal forward. Because when we do, we are free.

When we all pedal together, we’ll give racing minds a chance to focus and outride ADHD. Small problems go away and the big ones get clear. We’ll build a bike-friendly planet, safer to ride with cleaner air to breathe. We’ll make the faster and the next generation faster still.

Every day, we take the greatest human-powered machine into the future.

We are Specialized

Let’s make
a change together


Did you know…

Poland produces almost 13 million tons of waste annually. This amount increases by approximately 1 million tons, each year.
(Data from 2018 released by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment)

The average Pole produces over 300 kg of waste each year.
(An analysis by Eurostat in 2020)

Poland is currently at the bottom of the list of countries investing in waste management.
(Information published by the European Commission in 2020)

Landfilling remains the predominant waste management method in Poland, with over 60% of their waste designated for one of the 800 landfills in the country.
(Published by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment in 2021)


Do you want to
make an impact with us?

Author of Concept
Lukáš Výtisk
Vinohradská 396/18
120 00  Prague 2


Author of Boards
Náprstkova 275/4
110 00 Prague 1


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